Should I Start My Own Business or Buy a Preexisting One?

Do you have a strong desire to start your own business, but you are unsure of whether you should build it from the ground up or buy an existing business? In this article, we’ll be talking about some of the pros and cons surrounding this issue. 

Stepping Into Profit

When you purchase a preexisting business, you are stepping into profit. The company you are buying has worked hard to grow its customer base and, in turn, its earnings. All of the resources and individuals you need are already working alongside your new business, and you must only maintain proper management. This will allow you to focus your energy on running a business instead of starting a business. When you do this, you generally will have higher levels of success as your company has been proven successful in the years, or even months, before your purchase. 

However, when you do purchase a preexisting company, you must put in additional efforts to prove yourself to the employees that are testing the waters to see if they believe you can successfully run this business. If you choose to start your own business, you will have the ability to work your way up and prove yourself with just the success of your business. You will have ultimate control over how much you truly make and how far you would like to scale your business. 


If you decide to purchase a preexisting company, prepare yourself for the large dollar sign you are destined to witness. Buying a company is not cheap. The previous owner worked hard to create value in their business, and most likely; they will not be willing to part with it for anything less than what they find appropriate. The cost of purchasing an existing company can range anywhere from $80,000 to $1,175,000, depending on what industry you’re looking into. 

Alternatively, starting your own business can cost anywhere from $2000 to $5000, depending on the type of business you are interested in creating. For some people, even if it’s just based on finances, starting your own business may be more along the lines of what you were thinking. You do have to take into account the number of business expenses the original owner of the preexisting company had to pay for and realize you won’t be needing to dish out your money in those areas. Still, it might make more sense for you to work with a smaller expense in the end. 

Immediate Gratification

As soon as you sign the papers signifying that you are the new owner of a preexisting company, you are practically immediately going to see cash flow. Though this will be a pleasant surprise, you might be left wishing you had poured in more work and effort or left feeling empty at the end of the month. You do take over the company, but you weren’t able to have the satisfaction of seeing it be built from the ground up. 

Though it may take longer to see a large cash flow when you start your own business, you may find more satisfaction in pouring all of your time, resources, and efforts into something you can call your own. When you get to watch your business grow organically from a simple idea in your mind to a successful entrepreneurial venture, the joy that comes with knowing that came from your hard work and dedication might outweigh the instant gratification that happens when you purchase a preexisting business. 

Which One Will You Choose?

Do the pros outweigh the cons? Are you now inspired to purchase a preexisting company, or do you desire the challenge of building your success from the ground up? There is no wrong answer, only two right paths. You will be the only one responsible for your decision, and you will be the one to reap the benefits as well as the consequences. Both options offer their own challenges and their own inviting opportunities if you are willing to put in the effort to see them both to completion. You may be able to skip over a few of the initial steps of starting a business from the ground up and working with limited resources, but there could also be hidden struggles within the walls of the company that you buy. Do your research, communicate with your team, and make the best-educated decision you can with the information you’ve been exposed to. TRUiC provides many resources and loads of information for anyone who is looking to start their own business. If this sounds like something for you, be sure to click on over and visit their site: