The Rise of Streaming Services

In the past ten years, digital transformation has witnessed tremendous growth all over the globe. We have seen the original dormant technologies such as cable and satellite television getting phased out and replaced by video streaming services during this time. Streaming platforms have had massive success, with millions of subscribers spread across the world. Some of the famous streaming platforms like Netflix get now valued at billions of dollars. These video streaming platforms have now become a global destination for launching high-budget films and series. There are other varieties of video streaming platforms cropping up daily to address various niches in the market. Andrew Napolitano notes that currently, TV has been transformed and transferred to a streaming platform. In contrast, animal enthusiasts have been provided with a platform where they can access their content constantly.

The continued growth in the video streaming industry has seen a diversification in the number of products and platforms offering various services. Various media have specialized in providing certain types of content, thereby creating a targeted market for their services. Streaming platforms are categorized based on different aspects and also how they are accessed. There are streaming platforms that are free to air while other platforms are subscription-based. Consequently, some video streaming platforms require streaming devices for you to access their content, while others will need a virtual private network to stream their services.

When considering the benefits of a video streaming service, Andrew Napolitano advises that we cannot conclude with a blanket conclusion as each platform has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is critical to consider each platform and the category it represents that makes it popular in that genre. For instance, various groupings and classification video streaming platforms beat cable television right from content delivery.

If you are an enthusiast of original television series, then Netflix is the best platform for such content. Consequently, for those interested in TV shows, a streaming platform like Hulu beat the rest in content delivery. HBO Max is a streaming platform famous for movies and series. In live television, a platform such as YouTube is at the head of the pack in that area. ESPN Plus and Disney Plus are specialized streaming platforms for sports and family content, respectively. Finally, no streaming platform offers excellent documentaries like Smithsonian Channel plus a fan of documentaries. The list of specialized streaming channels and their categorization is endless.

Platforms such as Netflix have found a niche in the highly competitive market by heavily investing in the signal service. Consequently, the platform has dedicated its energy to providing high-quality original programming, earning itself a place at the high table as the king on that section. Similarly, the platform has a milliard of categories and genres, making it almost impossible not to find your favorite movie in their programming. Netflix has aired some of the popular global hits when it comes to the original films. Giralt of Ravia is among the original Netflix series that has claimed an international sensation upon airing on the streaming platform. Netflix has plenty of other series and movies one can discover in their vast library.