Top Topics To Add To Your Flipboard Mix Going Into 2023

If you’ve been using Flipboard for a while, you may be getting tired of seeing stories from the same old topics day after day. If that’s the case, then it’s definitely time to spice things up and find some new topics to follow.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most followed topics on Flipboard. If any of these spark your interest, you should consider following them yourself to see the latest posts of that topic on your own Flipboard feed!

Geography topics

A really neat way to get some more variety and interest in your Flipboard mix is to follow topics of places you are interested in. For example, there are tons of posts on the topic #Botswana, such as this Flipboard profile.

Additionally, #Iceland is a great geography topic featuring a plethora of stories and posts that relate to the volcanic island. Fortunately, there is a topic for just about any major location in the world on Flipboard, so the customization is endless.

News topics

While pretty much every topic on Flipboard will feature its own news stories pertaining to it, there are a few topics relating solely to news that you should be aware of:

The first news topic we recommend checking out is #world. It has the widest variety in news stories, with the most important or fascinating stories being featured from around the world. For example, this story about a man who made a home out of an abandoned airplane in Portland, Oregon was featured. 

If you’re looking for news about something more specific, then we recommend checking out #politics, #sports, or 


News story after news story can be quite draining, so you should look into some more light-hearted and fun topics, such as #dogs for example.

Flipboard’s #Dogs topic has many posts about dogs, ranging from funny videos taken at home to genuine articles on how to care for your beloved pet. If you are a dog owner or dog lover, then you are missing out by not following #Dogs on Flipboard. 

Another topic to add some more flavor to your Flipboard feed is the #food topic. This topic will give you the best recipes for you to try at home. From fish tacos with pickled cabbage & pineapple salsa to incredible fudge brownie recipes, the #food topic is sure to get your mouth watering.

The last topic we will recommend checking out is #Gaming. If you are big into gaming, then you have to follow this topic and add it to your Flipboard feed. With articles being featured from the biggest names in gaming, as well as names you haven’t heard of before – you are bound to find something new and exciting.

The gaming topic is not just for video games, as many of the articles posted there are about board games and other forms of games you can play. For example, check out this article about how boardgames conquered Christmas, which was on the front page of the #Gaming topic on Flipboard. 

There are Flipboard topics to follow for everyone’s tastes and interests. We’re sure you’ll find some that you enjoy.