What Is The Best Type Of Car To Drive in Utah?

Living in Utah means dealing with a lot of different weather conditions as the seasons change, and that can impact your vehicle. You need to have a car that’s able to offer what you need in the summer, while also offering the practical features you need in the winter when there’s snow and ice on the ground. 

We’re going to take a look at the different types of car you can choose to drive in Utah and the particular benefits and drawbacks each of them offers. Read on now and find out everything you need to know ahead of your next car purchase.


You’ll find that one of the best types of vehicle to drive in Utah is a pickup truck. If you’ve ever spent time in Utah, you might have noticed that a lot of the vehicles on the road are pickup trucks of various kinds. And that’s because they offer the performance needed all year round.

The power and traction that they offer is ideal for anyone who needs or wants to do any off-road driving, as many people in Utah do. But perhaps most importantly, they offer the performance and durability needed to deal with the harsh and freezing winters that are experienced in Utah too.


SUVs offer many of the same benefits as pickup trucks when it comes to driving in winter. They’re bigger, more durable and better able to deal with hazardous conditions than regular cars. But unlike pickup trucks, they have a broad appeal to buyers.

They’re much more family friendly than pickup trucks. And they tend to have more modern entertainment conveniences inside the car as well. They bring together the practical and durability requirements you might have, while also operating as a great family vehicle too.


There are plenty of great cars that can perform well in Utah, but they can struggle a little more during the harsh winters, so that’s something to be aware of. If you are going to choose a car over the options discussed above, you’ll need to make sure it has the features needed.

Good control and transmission performance will be key when driving in winter. And you’ll want to make sure you switch to winter tyres once the ground starts to get covered in ice and snow.

Compact Cars

Similarly to regular sized cars, compact cars can sometimes struggle in winter. So if you’re looking for something small and easy to use in the city, compact cars can be great. But be sure to take extra care and precautions with your car once the winter months arise and the ground conditions are more hazardous.

There are lots of options out there that work well for drivers in Utah and are able to deal with the weather conditions found here. Be sure to get the help you need with finding your car, and search for a local auto body repair company you can turn to if anything ever goes wrong. Trusted services are vital for Utah car owners.