What Students Study Before Law School

The path to law school is one that is commonly embarked upon by those with great ambitions. The schooling itself is daunting and challenging in a myriad of wonderful ways, but what is less commonly discussed is how the preparations for legal school are equally as difficult. One who wishes to enroll in legal schooling should be prepared to complete a full breadth of preparatory coursework in order to qualify for participation. Alex Djerassi has to complete these steps prior to his admission. 

Study for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT)

In order to gain admission to any viable university for studying law, one will need to pass the test called the LSAT. This test requires that one do the proper amount of studying ahead of time and then pass with flying colors. This is not an easy feat. One will need to find the right course of study in order to prepare for the LSAT test. There are various accredited courses in LSAT studies that are available online, as well as through major universities.

Schedule, Take and Pass the LSAT

The only way that one can gain admission into law school is to schedule, take and pass the LSAT test. This particular test is administered only seven times throughout the year. One may obtain a list of testing centers that are conducting the LSAT test in the region closest to one’s residence through a simple internet search. One should allow for a full half-day in order to take this test, as this is how long the test lasts.

Prerequisite Coursework

One should go into the study of law with adequate prerequisite education in the subjects necessary to succeed in this field. The student will need to be well-versed in English through English, Literature, and Writing coursework. Additionally, one will be best-prepared for legal schooling with a background in Philosophy, as well as Business and Economics. Should one need to retake courses in these subjects in order to gain the full comprehension necessary to prepare for legal studies at university, it is recommended that one do so. The school in which one chooses to enroll in legal studies will have their own list of courses that are required for admission into their program. It is recommended that one not only meet the requirements for admission, but also exceed these prerequisites. This means that the student should have achieved excellent grades in each of the courses

Overall, the path to preparing for this type of education is filled with steps in educational coursework prerequisites and exercising sufficient test-taking skills. University studies in the subject of law require that the student already enter his or her schooling with a background in English, Writing, Literature, Philosophy, Business and Economics. Additionally, the law student should have studied for the LSAT test extensively and carefully scheduled the date for taking the administered law test. He or she should have passed the test with flying colors, not just to gain admission to the school of his or her choice, but also more so in order to be sufficiently educated prior to beginning formal studies, according Alex Djerassi