4 Things to Remember When Someone Hits Your Parked Car

Accidents are an unfortunate reality when you start driving. It’s not something you want to happen, and it can be a frustrating and expensive experience when it does. What’s even more annoying is if there’s an accident when you’re nowhere close to your vehicle. 

Since it’s not a traditional fender bender, it might be confusing to know what procedures to follow if someone has hit your parked car. Take a look at what to do if this happens to you.

Report the Incident

Even if it seems like a small accident, you still need to report it. You’ll need to call the police so that an official report is drawn up. If possible, don’t move your vehicle until the officer finishes documenting the scene. It’s essential to have a copy of the form if you want to file a claim with your insurance company. 

Make sure that the constable’s name and badge number are also written in the report. If you weren’t close to your car when the accident happened, the other driver would most likely need to explain what occurred.


Gather Information

Collect as much information about the accident scene as possible. Take photos of the damages and write down the circumstances of the incident. Include details such as location, time of day, and weather conditions. 

If there were any witnesses, make sure to take down their contact details if you need collaboration later. If the other vehicle’s driver is still there, record their name, contact number, and insurance particulars.

Contact Your Insurance Company

It would be best if you got hold of your insurer as soon as possible to notify them of the accident. If the vehicle’s driver is no longer on the scene but has left you a note, make sure you give their information to the police and your insurance company. 

Usually, your broker will work with the other driver’s insurer to settle the claim. If you have collision coverage, then it will help pay for the repairs, or in extreme cases, to replace your car if it’s hit by another vehicle. 


Hit and Run 

If your car is hit, and the driver has left the scene without leaving any contact details, it’ll be considered a hit-and-run. In this instance, your insurance company may consider the missing driver as uninsured. Try to find out if anyone saw the accident happen and remembers any details about the offending vehicle.

Different states have varying rules regarding penalties for hit-and-run drivers if they manage to catch them. Some consider it a felony only if someone gets hurt, and other areas take it seriously if there was any damage to the vehicle regardless of injuries. The cover you have with your insurer will determine if the repairs to your car will be paid.


Final Thoughts 

It’s never a pleasant experience to deal with the after-effects of an accident. If someone hits your parked car, make sure that you report it to the police and your insurance company as soon as possible. 

Take photos of the damage and get the contact details of the driver of the other vehicle. Look around to see if any witnesses can give an account of what happened. If it’s a hit-and-run, don’t be tempted to go chasing after the perpetrator. Stay on the scene and follow the procedure above.