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5 Signs Your Septic System Needs to Be Repaired

Good and proper maintenance often means septic tanks can last generations, but as with all things in life, sometimes things can go wrong, and the sooner they’re dealt with, the better the outcome.

Here are 5 signs that your septic system needs to be repaired and swiftly. 

Sitting Water in Your Garden

Wondering why there is water pooling in your yard despite a lack of rain recently? This is a classic sign that your septic tank may be overflowing, or the drain pipes may have become clogged.

There are options available to repair these issues before a replacement is necessary. Still, time is of the essence, so reach out to a reputable company offering septic tank services as soon as you can once you notice this tell-tale sign of a tank issue. 

Backup Of Sewage

Sludge is common in septic tanks. So when you start finding it in your toilets or sinks, you need to recognize that this is an urgent sign that your septic tank needs to be repaired. 

That sludge is sewage, and it is flowing back up from your tank due to clogs or capacity being exceeded. While it can be avoided with regular tank cleaning from your septic tank services provider, it can indicate a more serious issue that should be dealt with sooner rather than later. 

Slower Drains

Similar to the backup of sewage above, sludge build-ups at the bottom of your tank can cause slow drains. 

A septic tank that is working efficiently displays easily flowing water through drains and pipes, so if you find your bathtubs, toilets, or sinks taking quite a while to drain, it could be indicating the need for a septic tank repair.

Changes in Your Grass

Grass above the septic tank and drain field is a wise idea because it can speak volumes about your septic tank’s condition. It’s important to keep an eye out for changes to your grass, which will always provide tell-tale signs about the need for any septic tank services or repair. 

  • Brown or dying grass – This is often a sign that water from the septic tank could be leaking into the drain field from your septic tank. This is an urgent situation that requires septic tank services straight away. 
  • Overly lush green grass in isolated areas of your garden – This is a sign that the wastewater is under-treated; thus, your septic tank is beginning to fail. 

Foul Odors – Including Rotten Eggs

Sulfur is best recognized for its rotten egg odor, and it’s exactly what sewer gas smells like. Unfortunately, it’s not a pleasant odor, so you should take note if you get this problem.

Any foul odor should be taken seriously when it comes to septic tank efficiency. Always look to a trusted septic tank services company for advice, and they will be happy to investigate, advise and assist.  

Generally speaking, regular cleaning and proper maintenance should prevent anything drastic from going wrong with your septic tank. They can last for 40+ years, so treat them with respect, and you’ll get your money’s worth out of them. Repairs can be critical in reducing catastrophic breakdowns and needing to replace your tank altogether, so look for the classic indicators and take them seriously.