5 Tips for Decorating with Fake Plants

Decorating with fake plants is a great way to liven up your home without the hard work that comes with real plants. Keep reading for some tips on how to decorate with fake plants and make them blend in seamlessly with your space.

#1. Use a New Pot or Planter

A new pot or planter can make all the difference in a home. Choose something that works for your style, whether it is a bold, statement piece, or something aesthetic and neutral. No matter what you choose, the design of your planter can add amazing color and texture to your space.

#2. Natural Light

Real plants require sunlight to grow and survive. A simple way to make your faux plant look real is by putting it in areas of your home where you would put an actual plant. For example, areas near a window or doorway get a lot of sunlight and would be a great option.

#3. Add Real Dirt and Florals

Mixing faux flowers and stems with real ones is a great way to liven up your vase and add texture to the arrangement. If using a clear vase, adding water and curving the stems will help make your faux florals look more realistic and stand like real flowers. You can also add dirt into your pot or planter to make your plants seem authentic, without the hassle of watering.

#4. Don’t Forget to Dust

Faux plants are like any other decor and can build up with dirt and dust over time. Keep your plants and flowers looking fresh and real by dusting them regularly. You can also wash them in warm, soapy water to help loosen the dust. Make sure to let them stand upright while they dry to avoid wrinkles.

#5. Simplicity is Key

The best tip for decorating with fake plants is to keep things simple. Simple greenery is delicate and effortless decor and it adds a touch of color to your space without being too much.  Avoid placing too many faux plants in the same room and placing two of the same plant next to each other, as that will draw attention to the fact that they are not the real thing.

Overall, fake plants can be a perfect addition to any home and can liven up any space with minimal effort. Take these tips into consideration, and you will be well prepared to start decorating your space.