5 Tips for Getting Your House Ready to List on Airbnb

Airbnb is quickly becoming one of the top ways for homeowners to earn extra money by renting out their house. Airbnb can open up whole new worlds of travel, if you’re willing to give it a try. Airbnb provides an easy way for owners with empty houses or rooms to make some extra cash while allowing travelers to experience lodging in homes that are completely different from the standard hotel experience. Airbnb can be a game changer both socially and financially for everyone involved but only if the home is clean and ready to go, so here are five tips on getting your house ready to list on Airbnb:

1. Clean House Thoroughly   

Before putting up any Airbnb listing, your house needs to be spotless. Dirty dishes should be washed and put away, while floors should be vacuumed and mopped. Airbnb guests are looking for a clean place to stay while they’re away from home, so your house needs to look just like that – someone else’s home.

2. Wash Sheets and Towels   

Guests staying through Airbnb need fresh sheets and towels, so make sure both of these items are super clean before you list the Airbnb on Airbnb .

3.Use Storage Unit         

Consider using a storage unit during Airbnb season. By utilizing a storage unit, you will keep clutter off of your floors while guests are staying at your Airbnb. It’s also a good idea to store extra large furniture in a storage unit during Airbnb season, just so it doesn’t take up space in your Airbnb .

4. Pull Out All Drawers   

Before Airbnb guests arrive, make sure to pull out all of the dresser drawers and check for any foreign objects that may have been left behind after your last Airbnb guest. You don’t want to accidentally give someone a splinter! Take the time to check every drawer while you’re deep cleaning your house. And remember – Airbnb guests can be anywhere in the world, so even if it seems like no one is coming, it’s important to clean thoroughly before each Airbnb .

5. Dust All Furniture   

Airbnb guests don’t want to get dust in their eyes or sneeze on dirty furniture, so it’s important to get rid of all of the dust bunnies hiding around your house. Dust all baseboards, lamps, tables … everything! It will make your house feel much more comfortable and inviting.

Some Airbnb host allow dogs, or puppies if this is you, then make sure you have a clear set of rules for where the dog can sleep and play!

Remember that Airbnb is a business – you’re running a hotel! Airbnb owners have been known to earn thousands of dollars through Airbnb, but you can only earn that much if your house is ready to list on Airbnb ! This means keeping the house clean and organized at all times before Airbnb guests arrive. In order for people to enjoy staying at your Airbnb, the house must be clean otherwise nobody will come.