5 Tips for Keeping Warm at Night without Upping Your Thermostat

Keeping warm at night is not always easy. At times, you may feel like turning up the thermostat to keep yourself warm. However, this could affect your energy bills and keep you more likely to get sick. Instead of cranking up the thermostat, there are several ways that you can keep warm without upping your thermostat.

Layer up!  

It sounds simple but it actually works really well.  Keep some long sleeved tops underneath your pajamas so that you keep warmer for longer when in bed. Even just wearing socks can help keep your feet warm throughout the night which will stop them from getting cold and feeling painful in the morning. One tip for keeping warm with layers is to use a robe to keep the heat in – perfect for lounging around the house on a cold day!

Invest in some electro-warm mattress pads. 

Mattress pads that have electric heating elements in them can keep you warm and toasty all night long without having to turn up the thermostat. They are relatively affordable and can be a lifesaver on cold winter nights.

Stay hydrated!

Drinking plenty of fluids during the day will help keep you warmer at night. When you’re dehydrated, your body has to work harder to keep itself warm and this can result in feeling colder than usual. Drink up and keep those fluids flowing!

Use a hot water bottle. 

Instead of needing to keep the heating on, you can keep warm with a hot water bottle or flask full of boiling water or soup/tea in bed! A hot water bottle is good for your health in general as it will keep your muscles warm and relaxed which in turn reduces stiffness in the morning when you get out of bed.

Stay dry! 

Dampness in your bedroom when you are asleep can keep you feeling cold all night long so try not to let condensation build up on the windows by having them well-insulated, closing curtains at dusk and turning off lights when they’re no longer needed. This will keep dampness away from your room helping keep you warmer while you sleep.

If you want to invest in some electric heating solutions so you keep warm all winter long, there are some great options online. Check out brands like Tochta for some quality electro-warmth mattress pads.