6 Reasons to Choose to Ride a Motorcycle

By counting the number of motorcycles on the road, it is clear that most people choose not to ride. At least not for their daily life. And that is really a shame, because the world would be a better place if more people rode. We would be more polite in traffic and the roads would always seem open and free. There are so many advantages of riding motorcycles, and those of us that know what they are continually wondering why the rest of the world is slow to catch on. Here are a few of the most popular reasons to ride.

  1. Freedom: Ride from the minute you push the starter; you feel the freedom of the machine, especially if you have motorbike insurance from Rabbit Finance.  On a motorcycle you can go almost anywhere, although the police prefer you don’t. Pulling up to traffic, you can split lanes and move on past all those people in their iron cages. You have the sun on your face and fresh air in your lungs.
  2. The Environment: It is undeniable that motorcycling is very good for the environment. Motorcycles don’t use much fuel. They don’t go through as many tires as cars. They don’t use many resources when they are made. This makes motorcycles one of the most sustainable modes of transportation.
  3. Economy: Riding is so cheap; you might feel like you are cheating at life. Most motorcycles are incredibly efficient on fuel, but it isn’t just the fuel costs. The cost of buying a motorcycle is very low as well, and if you don’t need to be the flashiest guy or gal on the road, you can get outfitted with a nice machine and all the gear for less than $10,000. What does that get you in the car world—not much and nothing cool.
  4. Friends: As soon as you get on the road with your bike, you instantly belong to a society of riders, Sure, not all these folks want to be your friend, but mostly motorcyclists are very friendly and ready to talk about riding. It is the mutual respect of those who choose to ride, to feel the air as they ride and connect with their machine and the feel of the road.
  5. Style: Having a motorcycle gives you a certain cool factor. No matter who you are, you get on a bike, or tell someone you have a bike, and are now more interesting, or dangerous, or brave. Whatever it is, having a bike marks you as someone who is not a follower, but someone who goes their own way.
  6. Commuting: If you must commute to work every day and you are faced with traffic on the way to work, or hassles when parking. Then you should consider getting a motorcycle. Not only will you avoid most of the traffic on the way to work it is quite possible that you will be able to park for free, or at least a lot cheaper.

Except for the ability to haul multiple passengers and cargo, two wheels are vastly superior to four, weather permitting. You are going to feel better about yourself, have more money for important things, and you will be helping the environment by taking another car off the road.