Provo, Utah, USA downtown on Center Street at dusk.

6 Things Utah Businesses Are Doing Differently in 2022

Utah businesses are doing a lot to prepare for the future, and 2022 is no exception. Utah companies are becoming savvier with their business strategies and technologies. These six predictions detail the changes Utah companies will make in 2022:

  1. Utah businesses will outsource more of their information technology. Utah has become an outsourcing hotspot and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Utah became known as ‘Silicon Slopes’ because its low-cost data center space was perfect for technology companies looking to grow without the prohibitive costs associated with building new infrastructure. With Utah’s nearly limitless options when it comes to private cloud solutions, why build if you don’t have to?
  1. Companies will ramp up efforts to attract top talent via gamification. Utah is known for its families, and Utah’s employers are already focusing on building careers rather than just jobs. Gamification will become a larger part of Utah companies because it appeals to Utah residents’ penchant for play while also building loyalty and retention amongst Utah workers – two key business goals in 2022.
  1. Utah companies use online learning platforms to jumpstart the workforce’s skills gap. Once Utah companies understand that attracting talent requires an understanding of what makes Utah talent tick, they’re ready to take advantage of high-quality training resources via online learning platforms (such as Coursera). Businesses can then tailor their recruitment strategy to appeal to the kind of employees who fit into their company culture, giving an edge over other Utah employers when it comes to Utah talent.
  1. Utah businesses make better use of online advertising for recruiting purposes. Utah residents are loyal to their state, and Utah companies need loyal employees in 2022. That’s why Utah businesses make better use of online advertising when it comes to recruitment (e.g., Facebook ads), building strong connections with Utah workers by appealing to their interests and giving them reasons why they should work for you over the competition.
  1. Utah employers will embrace blended learning strategies that maximize productivity while minimizing office space costs. Utah employs one of the most productive workforces in the country, but this may change as more young Utah professionals choose work-life balance over long hours on site . As a result , these professionals may not be able to do their best work in the Utah office, which is why Utah companies are increasingly turning to blended learning strategies that maximize productivity by utilizing teleworking and/or remote-friendly Utah workplaces.
  1. Utah employers will embrace data analytics as a key to minimizing insurance costs. Utah businesses already understand how much money can be saved by embracing telework (especially if team members are remote), but Utah companies now make better use of data analytics tools when it comes to health care costs, anticipating Utah employees’ needs before they happen via real-time data feeds. This not only minimizes insurance costs, but also gives Utah employees more reason to stay with their employer.

In conclusion, Utah companies are doing more than ever before in order to prepare for Utah’s work culture of 2022. Utah businesses continue to outsource their information technology, increase their efforts with attracting top talent via gamification, make better use of online advertising when it comes to recruitment, embrace blended learning strategies that maximize productivity while minimizing office space costs, embrace data analytics when it comes to health care costs, and utilize teleworking or remote-friendly Utah workplaces.