Best Coffee Shops in New York

There are so many varieties of great-tasting coffee shops in New York, it is hard to name them all. However, here are the top best coffee shops in New York that anyone, including Andrew Napolitano, will love either during breakfast, for a relaxing lunch break, or to enjoy on a cold winter day.

Lenox Coffee in central Harlem is a great coffee shop. Their milk from Battenkill Valley Creamery gives each customer a delicious flavor for their coffee and espresso. The shop transformed from a unique charm to now having a mix of old rural appeal with up-to-date fashion that any tourists or any locals from the area will enjoy seeing. This coffee house opened in 2011 and gives off a very unique aesthetic. They offer customers seasonal tasty drip coffees, a variety of Espresso Blends, and Origin Cold Brews. Their tasty menu of breakfast and brunch foods, including bagel breakfast sandwiches and buttery croissants, is overwhelmingly delicious. For brunch, they also provide vegan soups and sandwiches. For sweet treats, anyone can try their baked goods, pastries, cookies, and sweetbreads.

Dulceria is another great coffee shop in New York City. The coffee you will drink here is delicious without it being weak. Besides their coffee, this shop has excellent pastries that are too good to pass up. The coffee shop owner, Daniel Mizner, made sure to feature their first-class Chilean desserts, alfajores that are crammed with dulce de leche fillings.

In New York, any coffee lover who visits Plowshares Coffee Bloomingdale will be interested to know that Plowshares Coffee Roasters, which opened its doors in 2014, became the first marketing café on Broadway. This coffee shop is a cute, simple store that anyone will enjoy. Besides serving coffee, the café gives each customer a nice mixture of pastries known by many to be a hit. No one will be disappointed by what they offer.

Although the other coffee shops highlighted above have made a lasting impression on New Yorkers and traveling tourists, Andrew Napolitano‘s favorite coffee shop in New York is Variety Coffee Roasters. This place stands out to him because they have great-tasting espresso-based drinks with fresh beans. The long lasting taste of rich espresso makes this coffee shop unforgettable.