Buying a Used Vs New Motorcycle – What to Consider

Have you just completed a novice motorcycle riders’ course? Are you ready to go it alone and enjoy riding on the open road? If you feel confident enough to ride without an instructor and you have passed your driving course, the next step is to invest in a motorcycle of your own. You have two options – go for a new model or opt for a used motorcycle. Here are some things to consider when deciding.


If you have been looking at new and used motorcycles, you should also factor in the price of safety gear. You will find out more about prices for helmets, leather jackets, boots, and other essentials at There is a big difference between buying a new motorcycle and a used model. We know we are stating the obvious when we say that a high spec, new model will cost more than a used motorcycle.

If you are an absolute novice, you may want to consider buying a used model. You are bound to scratch or dent the motorcycle, so it is probably best to purchase a new bike when you become more experienced as a rider.

Fresh Slate

One of the main reasons why many people opt for a new motorbike is because they have never been driven by any other rider. This means they have never been involved in an accident or have had any modifications. Basically, you get a motorcycle which is fresh out of the showroom. When buying a new motorcycle, it sometimes makes sense to rent a similar vehicle for a few days to see how it handles. There are many advantages to renting a new motorcycle prior to buying it. 

The condition of a new motorcycle is always going to be immaculate, but you can also find beautiful used models which are in great shape for half the price.

Current Technology & Safety Features

There isn’t much of a comparison when it comes to this subject, a new motorcycle is always going to have the most up to date technology and safety features. If you plan on joining a motorcycle club and you will be riding in groups, it is nice to have a modern machine with all the latest safety features. If you are going to be carrying a pillion passenger, they will feel more at ease if you are using a state-of-the-art motorcycle as opposed to an older model.

Knowledge of Motorcycles

Plenty of things can go wrong with a used motorcycle, issues you will not face when you buy a new bike. Before choosing between a new or used motorcycle, think about your skills. In most cases, you will need to regularly repair an older model.

There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing between a new or used motorcycle. There are pros and cons related to both options, so it really depends on what suits your specific requirements. A used motorcycle is sometimes better for new riders, whereas a modern machine may fit a more experienced rider.