Enjoy Great Keto Pasta Alternatives

To Diet Or Not To Diet

For many people, dieting brings misery out of all proportion to the benefits they enjoy. Reduced portion sizes, weighing food, limitations on those types of ingredients that simply make life worth living and the difficulty of simply sticking to a diet that turns their lives upside down are all reasons that the vast majority of those looking to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle simply throw up their hands in despair – and go back to their old eating habits.

The challenge of sticking to a diet plan is made even worse by the fact that we have access to fast foods that provide a high sugar and high fat ‘pick-me-up’ – and in a fast-paced world where time constraints and stress are a way of life those lures may turn out to be simply too difficult to resist. In fact, according to some diet gurus only around 5% of those who go on a structured diet will maintain their gains. Most people will fall off the bandwagon and not only regain the weight that they have lost – but actually put on more due to the fact that the body goes into ‘panic mode’ and makes an extra effort to retain fat in preparation for more lean times. 

What Is The Solution? 

For many (including high-profile actors and others in the public eye such as Halle Berry, Tim Tebow and assorted Kardashians) it’s the Keto diet and foods such as Keto pasta. This diet allows the individual to enjoy meals that are very low in carbohydrates, moderately high in protein and high in fat. It requires that dieters give up on the joys of grains, low- and nonfat dairy, legumes, sugar, some nuts and seeds, a variety of vegetables and most fruit. However, hand in hand comes the freedom to enjoy fat (for energy) and some great protein choices.

If there is one thing that provides an enormous challenge for those who want to stick to the Keto diet it is the fact that traditional pasta is not on the menu (neither is pizza). But the good news is that there are brands that offer Keto pasta! Many people do not even realize how much pasta they eat – until traditional wheat-based (or even whole wheat) is not an option. Say goodbye to traditional spaghetti and meatballs, tortellini, lasagne or even that beloved Penne a la vodka – they’re off the menu. And the traditional alternatives such as lentil or rice pasta do not fit into the Keto plan.

Keto Pasta Is Your Answer!

However, those following the Keto Diet are surprised at the options that are available as far as Keto pasta is concerned. It may not actually be necessary to forgo the simple pleasures of your favorite pasta dishes, there are actually some fabulous alternative types of Keto pasta that bring taste, texture and some Italian inspired flair to the table.

The first type of Keto pasta that is proving immensely popular goes by the name of Shirataki noodles. These are made from the fibrous portions of the Konjac Yam. These yams provide a low calorie, low carbohydrate pasta base that is also high in fiber – and that’s good, as lack of fiber can be something that those following the Keto Diet need to watch. This type of Keto pasta is not ‘no carb’ – but many medical experts and dieticians say that they are low enough in carbohydrates not to bring the body out of a state of Ketosis. Rinse them well (they can have a bit of a fishy smell) and combine them with your favorite sauce for a meal that delivers on authentic Italian taste.

More Alternatives with Keto Pasta

Black beans provide the foundation for many pasta dishes that can be enjoyed on the Keto diet. Black beans do contain carbs – but they are also very high in fiber – so the net gain in carbs is negligible. However, don’t go overboard – this pasta alternative should be enjoyed as part of a larger meal – and portions should be kept small. However, that said it is very filling, so for many a smaller portion is more than adequate. Another advantage is that this type of Keto pasta comes very close to the original thing in taste. 

For many, Heart of Palm is a great addition to a salad or even enjoyed as a stand-alone dish, but it also can make a great base for the production of Keto pasta. It is very low in carbs, but ideal for what is now taking the diet world by storm – and that is what is called the ‘Modified Keto Diet’ which many people find easier to follow – but still delivers on the Keto promise. 

Another alternative is Keto pasta made from Kelp. For many people, this may be a step too far – but banish from your mind the idea that this type of Keto pasta will provide a ‘seaweed-forward’ flavor that many people find off-putting, they’re actually delicious, especially in cold dishes such as Vietnamese salads with thinly sliced beef and fresh Asian leafy vegetables (just double-check what’s allowed). A bonus is that they are low in fat and calories as well as being packed with vitamin K, calcium and iron.

There are other Keto pasta alternatives that will deliver the ‘mouthfeel’ of traditional pasta, such as shredded Spaghetti squash and the so-called ‘Zoodles’ (zucchini-based ‘noodles’) that are ideal for stir fry.


In short, a Keto Diet doesn’t mean missing out on that much loved Italian table action. You may not be able to tuck into dishes made with traditional wheat-based noodles – but there are plenty of Keto pasta options. Following the Keto Diet doesn’t mean giving up on the foods that you love, or enjoying great tasting meals – it just means some slight refocusing.