College student in her dorm

Facts About Law School

Studying to become a lawyer takes a lot of time, work, and dedication. Judge Napolitano knows all about that. He has put in the time to complete law school and later to move on to become a judge. Before a person enters law school Napolitano wants them to know what to expect and how law school will require time and dedication.


In addition to the time it takes to complete the required credit hours each course will require a lot of time and dedication from the student. They can be expected to do research outside of the classroom and prepare different arguments. They need to cite cases and take the time to find out the outcomes. This is not as easy as it sounds. Even with the internet, it does take a lot of time to search the law libraries. A person will not be able to prepare right before class. They will need to spend hours researching and then using this to their needed application. A student has to know that it is not going to be simple and they need to be willing to take on this workload.


As Judge Napolitano knows, law schools involve a great deal of studying. A person will need to know all the different laws and causes. They can spend hours studying. This is good if a person wants to be a good lawyer but may not be so good if they are looking to have any type of social life. A person has to be willing to make some sacrifices when they are attending law school.

Study Early

When there is an exam coming up for a test the worst thing to do is to wait for the night before the exam to begin to study. When a person enters one of their law classes they need to review the outline every night about what the class covered that day. That way when the exam comes they will be prepared and they will have this information already in their heads.

Ask Questions

Many law students are afraid to ask the professor questions. They can ask questions to get a better understanding of things and ask for clarification. The professor may be tough but they want to help the students learn. A student also needs to learn how to look information up outside of the class. They should be familiar with a dictionary and how it works. There are legal dictionaries that will help the student learn and understand the terms.

Take Good Notes

The law professor is not going to have everything written out for the students. They need to learn how to take good notes and refer back to these notes at a later time.

These are some things that a student needs to be aware of when they have an interest in law school. A career in the legal field can be rewarding but it is a lot of hard work. This is something the student needs to be prepared for and willing to complete.