Five Lessons 2021 Taught Us About Cybersecurity

The pandemic’s effect on the economy has been well-documented. What’s less talked about is how COVID-19 has also impacted the cybersecurity landscape. The past year forced organizations to adapt in order to stay afloat, and in doing so, they unintentionally left themselves vulnerable to cyberattacks.

As we move into 2022, it’s important to reflect on the lessons we’ve learned from the past year and how we can use them to improve our cybersecurity posture. Here are five key lessons 2021 taught us about cybersecurity:

1. The Importance of Cyber Hygiene

With employees working remotely, it’s more important than ever to make sure they are practicing good cyber hygiene. This includes using strong passwords, not sharing passwords with others, and not clicking on links from unknown sources and email attachments from unknown senders.

Organizations should also have a cyber hygiene policy in place that all employees must follow. This will help to ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to cybersecurity best practices.

2. The Need for Improved Cybersecurity Training

Another lesson we learned from the past year is the importance of cybersecurity training. With more people working remotely, there is a greater need for employees to be properly trained on how to spot and avoid phishing attacks and other cyber threats.

Organizations should consider investing in employee cybersecurity training programs. These programs can help to educate employees on the latest cyber threats and how to protect themselves against them.

3. The Importance of Cybersecurity Awareness

We also learned that cybersecurity awareness is more important than ever. It’s not enough to just have a few people in an organization who are aware of cybersecurity threats. Everyone needs to be aware of the risks and know what they can do to protect themselves and their company.

Organizations should consider implementing a cybersecurity awareness program. This can help to ensure that all employees are up-to-date on the latest threats and how to protect themselves against them.

4. The Need for Improved Cybersecurity Policies

The past year also taught us the importance of having strong cybersecurity policies in place. With the increase in remote work, organizations need to have clear and concise policies that cover everything from password management to data security.

Organizations should review their existing cybersecurity policies and make sure they are adequate for the current environment. They should also consider implementing new policies if needed.

5. The Importance of Cybersecurity Insurance

Finally, we learned that cybersecurity insurance is more important than ever. With the increased risk of cyberattacks, organizations need to make sure they are properly insured in case of an incident.

Organizations should speak with their insurance provider to make sure they have adequate coverage for their business. They should also make sure to review their policies on a regular basis to ensure they are still providing adequate protection.

Cybersecurity is an important issue that all organizations need to be aware of. By reflecting on the lessons we’ve learned from the past year, we can help to make sure our organizations are better prepared for the future.