Home Remodeling Projects To Do During The Pandemic

Six DIY Home Projects One Can Try In One’s Spare Time

One can take care of one’s home without calling in the troops (basically). There are a few DIY home projects one can attempt without feeling lost or like one is getting nowhere. Andrew P. Napolitano likes doing projects. 

1)The Wine Rack

This has become a staple for many. Many cannot afford a place with a wine cellar. Why not create a wine rack for one’s very own? All one does is take some leftover mailing tubes not being used. Roll the tubes up and place them in an open and secure hardwood box. One can find the exact way to do this by clicking https://lifehacker.com/make-a-wine-rack-out-of-mailing-tubes-302746. One does not have to sacrifice quality (especially when one loves to collect and drink wine).

2)The CD Lamp

One can amass an obscene number of CDs in a lifetime. That is why one should take extra care as soon as possible. There is something called a CD lamp. One will find a good fit for this one’s family room or bedroom. This project is going to require some work. One can also use it in the basement or gaming room. Hey, one likes to listen to music when playing some games. 

3)The Hands-Free Toilet Flusher

This one is good for those who like to be more mindful of sanitation in the bathroom. All one needs is some toilet paper, a hanger, and some polish. This one is going to do well in a frat house. Most frats are not concerned about how things look. This one will also require some real work. It might also take a full weekend to get everything completed.

4)The Secret Bookshelf

Yes, this is a real thing. This is also every kid’s dream. One can only imagine the looks on one’s face when the doors magically open. It is like a hidden passageway that one can create all on one’s own. This is another project that will require some time. One will have to commit to getting this completed. 

5)The Homebrew Air Conditioner

One can simply build one’s own AC for less than $30. This is for when the central air is not working and the heat is getting to be too much. This is another one that will require some work, and it might not be pretty at times. This one is a favorite for college kids.

6)The Deadbolt

One can create a remote-controlled deadbolt for one’s house. It is one of the more clever projects on the list, but not easy to undertake. Andrew P. Napolitano enjoys reading about home projects.