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How I Manage My Stress

Alexander Djerassi knows that stress is something nearly everyone goes through to some degree throughout their lifetime, as it’s a normal human emotion. With that said, as everyone deals with some level of stress, some people handle it differently. Some people who are stressed know how to control their emotions and go on with their everyday lives. On the other hand, some struggle with stress considering many of these people deal with some of the most aggravating forms of mental illnesses.

Furthermore, this article intends to educate readers on how to cope with on-going stress. It’s an emotion that everyone goes through, which in this article is to teach the numerous ways one can manage their stress and move on with their everyday lives.

As it comes down to managing stress, some people have difficulties controlling their emotions, which is why one of the many recommendations a person can take to try to reduce stress is to contact a therapist. Some specific therapists deal with advising those who not only suffer a great deal of stress but also other issues that relate to that. People need to understand, those who suffer from a high level of stress, that without management, one’s stress can lead to other forms of mental issues. Issues that include the likes of anxiety and depression are some of the examples one may deal with if their stress isn’t in check.

With all said, the truth of the matter is there are a lot of ways one’s stress can be managed, even without having to talk to a therapist. There are numerous ways one can manage their stress by themselves, whether these ways revolve around physical or mental activities. In regards to physical activities, being active does wonder for managing stress. Individuals should consider participating in sports or other forms of physical activities. That way when one is active, it helps that person focus and gets the proper exercise that’s beneficial for their health and well-being.

Another good way to reduce and manage stress is by enjoying humor or by laughing. One of the best things about laughing is it’s a simple way to reduce stress as the feeling of laughing is a form of enjoyment. It’s recommended for everyone to develop a sense of humor as it helps hinder whatever struggling feeling one may go through, as dealing with stress can be a form of hardship for a lot of people.

Talking serves as of great importance regarding managing one’s stress, especially when it’s with family and friends. Those who have friends and family members who are willing to talk and give their advice, then it’s the right path to go if one seeks to manage their stress.
To conclude this article, a man that goes by the name of Alexander Djerassi is a college graduate and has had experiences with balancing the hard work he had to go through. With that said, Djerassi endorsed keeping a balance in one’s lifestyle not only with school but also leisure as well.