How Secure Are Storage Facilities?

There are storage facilities located in almost every major city. These storage facilities vary in what they offer, but typically people will rent storage containers to place their belongings in when they need extra storage or when they are moving houses. Since storage facilities are so common, what is the level of security at these storage facilities?

It would seem that storage units are pretty secure. They are kept in storage facilities that are gated with security guards who monitor the storage units, and there are also oftentimes an additional lock on storage units to make sure they cannot be easily accessed by unauthorized people.

Does this mean storage units are very secure? Though storage units have strong locks and security guards watching them almost 24 hours a day, this does not mean storage units don’t get broken into. In fact, storage units actually have a higher theft rate than homes or cars.

In 2011, storage units had an annual average rate of 40 thefts per 100,000 storage facilities. That means that there is about a one in ten chance that a storage unit will be broken into each year.

The good news is storage facilities are doing something they can to lower the risk of storage unit thefts. Since storage facility break-ins have increased by 28% in the last decade, storage facilities are being forced to reevaluate their security measures. Storage facilities are now adding a number of security features to storage units including top bars, motion sensors, and pressure sensitive locks that only storage facility staff can access .

This is great for storage facilities because it helps ensure that storage units are safe from break-in. But what about storage unit renters? Can storage facilities opt for additional measures to make sure their storage unit is as secure as possible?

Storage unit renters have a few options when it comes to storage facilities. The first option is storage facilities with gated access, security personnel at the storage facility, and electronic access. If storage units have these three features then they are very secure. However storage units that just have a gated storage facility and storage facility security personnel may not be as secure because storage units can still get easily accessed by storage unit intruders.

The other option is storage facilities that have electronic access and pressure sensitive locks just like storage units. These storage facilities give renters the same level of convenience and easy accessibility, but they also add a layer of protection to storage units because storage unit renters do not need to share storage facility access with storage facility security personnel. This means storage unit intruders will have a harder time accessing storage units, and storage facilities with electronic locks are also less likely for storage unit break-ins.

These two options provide the best protection for storage unit renters because they give storage units added security in storage facilities, and storage unit renters also have the convenience of easy storage facility access.

If storage unit renters are looking to make sure their storage units are secure, storage facilities with gated access, electronic locks access, and storage facility security personnel would be the best option for storage unit renters.