How Secure is My Storage Unit?

What makes storage units so secure? Securing storage units is the best way to keep your belongings safe. It’s a good thing many storage facilities are making improvements with their security systems because it means you don’t have anything to worry about. Here are some of the ways storage units have increased security over the years.

New storage units come with onsite storage guard

When you rent a storage unit, it’s very likely that there will be an onsite storage guard or access to security cameras. With these devices in place, there is always someone keeping watch of the unit. That means if anyone tries to get too close, they’ll be seen and stopped before anything gets stolen.

Security storage units have lighting that goes on and off at certain times

Have you noticed storage unit storage facilities tend to be very well lit? There is a good reason for this. Not only does it keep the storage center safe, but it also makes life easier for your storage unit renters because they can see what’s going on with their storage unit at all times. And if anything happens, like break-ins or facility damage, the storage guard will be aware of it immediately.

Access to storage units is limited

When you rent a storage unit, there are only certain hours when your storage unit can be accessed. This means even if someone tries to break into storage units, they may be locked out from being able to steal from you. The storage unit storage facility only has a certain time frame each day when they can open storage storage units and check on their condition.

Storage unit facilities have an alarm system with cameras

We’ve already said there’s a storage guard, so why do storage facilities have security cameras? The storage facilities where you rent storage units have an alarm system in place to alert the storage guard when there is a problem. In turn, there is also a camera that will record the culprit and send that information to the storage guard who can then take action.

There are storage unit facilities in all shapes and sizes

Finally, storage units come in all shapes and sizes, which can also help increase storage unit security. If you have one of the larger storage units, you’ll have an improved chance of keeping your belongings safe because there are fewer people who will be able to steal from you. Not to mention storage units are even accessible from the internet, so storage facility customers can periodically check up on their storage unit without having to go all the way out there.

It’s very important that storage facilities have these security measures in place. If storage units and storage facility access points aren’t secure, then it can lead to break-ins and theft of other customers’ stuff. This is not only bad for the storage customers, but also for the storage company as well. They’ll want to do everything they can to keep storage units and storage facilities safe for everyone.

While they offer storage unit security, you need to be careful too.

It’s not just storage facilities that help make your storage unit secure. You also need to find a good storage company with a great reputation and take the necessary steps to ensure storage units and storage facilities can’t be accessed too easily. Always ask about storage unit security when renting a storage unit – that way, there are no surprises.

Now that you know how secure storage units can be, check out these additional tips to increase storage unit security:

  • Talk to the staff at your local storage facility about their security procedures. Ask which locations have more security if you are concerned with crime prevention, or inquire about storage security if you know there is a crime risk in your area.
  • If you have sensitive documents, photos or other items of value, think about storing them at home and taking the more important ones with you when traveling on business trips and vacations. There is also an option to use encrypted storage security services that keep your personal items very safe.
  • Everyone wants to save money with a storage unit , but if you really want complete peace of mind, consider investing in an expensive real-time GPS storage service. If anything was to happen, law enforcement will be alerted with the location of the storage security facility at all times.

Storage unit facilities can provide several levels of protection, so find out what kind of security options will be available and talk to the staff about them before renting a storage unit.