How to Achieve an Industrial Bedroom Décor

Most people don’t have exposed beams, unfinished flooring, and brick walls in the room where they spend up to one-third of their time. However, industrial style bedrooms have caught up to bohemian and minimalist in recent years. 

The style naturally lends itself to a lived-in ambiance, but achieving that look can take time, patience, and consideration of several tips.

Industrial Bedroom Design 101

Interior designers and homeowners who create bedrooms in the industrial style are largely borrowing from the look of warehouses and factories. No frills is the name of the game. 

Besides the features listed above, industrial style bedrooms usually have exposed lighting fixtures and distressed wood. The primary colors are typically neutral, and the style can easily blend with an existing Scandinavian, minimalist, or modernist style.

Think Outside the Box When It Comes to Choosing Lighting

Lighting made in a truly industrial style will have a distressed finish, metal accents, and/or exposed bulbs. Unlike a typical bedroom with a light switch on the wall and a light fixture on the ceiling, people can get very creative when setting up the lighting for their industrial style bedroom. 

String lights, lights that hang from a cord attached to the ceiling, or tall lamps with multiple lights for maximum illumination are just some creative ideas to consider.

Forgo the Standard Closet for an Open Wardrobe

Placing an open wardrobe in an industrial style bedroom gives it that lived-in look that many people are aiming for when they choose this style of décor. Office-style shelving or a metal clothes rack are good choices to help achieve the desired look.

Choosing Furniture for an Industrial Style Bedroom

When choosing a bed and other furniture, it’s important to keep in mind the main goal of having this style of bedroom is to select materials that would appear in a factory. Wood, metal, and concrete are three primary examples. 

People decorating a bedroom want to pay extra attention to nightstands and dressers. Concrete tables or dressers made from wood and metal accents can look extremely attractive in this setting.

Choose a Bed Frame Made from Wood or Metal  — Or No Bed Frame at All

Industrial style bed frames are typically oversized and make some type of statement. Metal or reclaimed wood make excellent choices for bed frames, just as they do for tables and dressers. Metal bed frames that sit low to the ground are especially popular among people who favor this style of bedroom. This industrial bed frame doesn’t overpower the room at a height of only 12 inches.

This option can be a great compromise between having a typical bed frame and box spring and placing a mattress directly on the floor, although some people do prefer the second option. They just want to make sure the mattress is comfortable enough to spend all night on since they won’t have the added support of a bed frame.

Even though industrial style bedrooms are more minimalist in nature, the furniture selection and decorating options are unlimited. People can have a lot of fun setting up their sleeping space, and if they get bored, many additional options await them.