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How to Become a Better Listener

How to Become a Better Listener 

Good listening skills are essential in all aspects of life. But more importantly it is needed to have a business that thrives, and also it is better for the economy. A good example of an individual who demonstrated this need is Alexander Djerassi. Djerassi is an entrepreneur as well as a diplomat. This article will show the ways to make our society better by becoming a better listener. People can learn from his example as we improve lives.

In any business, it is important for the employees and administration to collaborate to make their business grow. One way to become a better listener is for all personnel to have a voice, especially in a staff meeting, or as they work together. We should allow the co-workers the freedom to share their ideas, and thoughts on a particular project, or problem that was going on in the business.

In addition, to become a better listener is to show appropriate body language both as the listener or speaker. If the body language of the posture is laid back and emotionless then the listeners will get bored. This may make them phase in and out of focus. If the listener is fidgety, or slumped in their chair this will show the speaker that what they are saying is not as important. Make sure to be quite aware of our surroundings, and be mindful of body language.

Another way to be a better listener is to take turns being the speaker and listener. Both listeners need to take turns so that each person is heard correctly, and given the attention they deserve. Another way to practice good listening skills is to use the correct kind of eye contact. Giving eye contact allows the listener to not just read the speaker well, but also their facial expressions. If people send the wrong kind of eye contact, and facial expressions as a diplomat this could be disastrous.

Alexander Djerassi believes that an additional way to practice good listening skills is to be a good audience, and also for the speaker to read them as well. If a diplomat’s speech gets too windy their listeners may tune the speaker out. Another way to become a better listener is to refrain from interrupting the person when they speak. Let them finish their statement. It could lead to misunderstandings in the message, or it can agitate them because it is rude to do so, any.

One other way people can improve on listening skills is to ask appropriate questions on the topic. Above all, people should learn to remember to give everyone the benefit of the doubt instead of being quick to blame. This goes with treating each other with common decency both on the job, at home and any place we see other people.

In closing, as people strive to become better listeners in our workplaces, and the world around us, it will allow us to treat people humanely together as we go.