How to Child-Proof Your Home

If you and your partner are expecting a baby, amidst the other myriad of things you need to do before your baby arrives, you will need to go through your home with a proverbial fine-toothed comb to ensure that everywhere is entirely child-proofed, as even babies can grab something they shouldn’t.

So, whatever your reasons for needing to, continue reading for a comprehensive guide on how to child-proof your home.

Ask for Advice

As with many other worthwhile choices you make in your adult life, no matter how thorough you are and no matter how much time you spend on a particular task or project, you may well miss little things that you simply don’t notice.

For example, if you are looking forward to fostering your first child and you are unsure about how to proceed in terms of child-proofing your home, then check out the official website of foster care services to find out more.

Additionally, it can also be helpful to seek less formal advice by speaking to your friends and family members who either currently have young children in the home or else have raised children to ask what child-proofing measures they installed into their properties.

Cover Door Knobs with Covers

Regarding both the outdoor and exterior doors to your property, as well as interior doors both on the top and bottom floor of your property, one of the first steps you should undertake when child-proofing your home is to cover the door knobs and handles.

This way, you are safe in the knowledge that your children cannot leave the house or even get themselves into trouble by gaining access to the stairs and other rooms that are not child-proofed.

Lock Cabinets

No matter how child-friendly you endeavor to make your home, there are still certain toiletries, kitchen objects such as knives, and other items that you absolutely must keep in your home yet do not want your children playing with.

This is why another good move when child-proofing your home is to lock and secure each and every cabinet, paying particular attention to the knife and utensil drawer in the kitchen and the medicine cabinet in the bathroom.

Window Guards & Gates

As well as your exterior doors, another security risk is that of your windows, especially those on the top floor.

Installing a window guard or window gate on each window is therefore fairly mandatory, with the good news being that you can invest in quality window guards, which means the windows can be opened a little to allow air to circulate throughout the property.

Other Important Ways to Child-Proof Your Property

Aside from the aforementioned ways discussed in detail to child-proof your home, there are a number of other things you need to concentrate on as well, including the following:

  • Install working smoke detectors on both the bottom and top floors of your property
  • Cover all electrical plugs and other electrical outlets
  • Cushion sharp corners of chairs, tables, and other items of furniture
  • Secure larger cabinets and appliances to the wall to avoid them being pulled over