Cook hands with metal brush clean the grill oven after cooking burgers. Hamburger preparation process, fast food, bbq

How to Deep Clean a Commercial Grill

It’s important that your restaurant’s commercial grill is operating at its best at all times. An unclean and dirty grill is not only an annoyance for the customers, but it can create a major health risk as well. Not only will the food be less appetizing and taste bad, but if left uncleaned for too long, it can harm those eating it.

The commercial grill is likely used often at your business, so it’s important that someone is assigned to deep clean it after each use. Not only will the commercial grill be cleaned for health reasons, but also to ensure that nothing can catch fire or explode while cooking next time it’s needed.


Before beginning the commercial grill deep clean, you’ll need several items:

  • commercial grill brush or scrubber
  • commercial oven cleaner
  • funnel (optional)

Spray it Down

Once everything has been collected and prepared, begin by spraying down the inside of the commercial grills grease bin with a commercial oven cleaner. Leave this alone until all other chemicals have dissipated. The heat from the commercial grill will make short work of any dirt and grime on the commercial grill and commercial oven cleaner will make short work of the grease bin.


After the commercial oven cleaner has done its magic, you can begin scrubbing any gunk that is left behind with a commercial grills brush or commercial grill scrubber. This is not only an important step to clean your commercial grill properly but also to ensure there isn’t anything stuck in it that could catch fire or explode next time it is used.

Never Use Water

One thing to remember is to NEVER use water, as it can cause the commercial grill fires and explosions during future uses. Once all dirt and grime has been removed from the commercial grill, rinse off any excess chemicals and check for more stubborn debris with a flashlight or other light source before wiping down with a paper towel.

Oven Cleaner

After the commercial grill has been scrubbed clean, it’s time to apply a commercial oven cleaner to the commercial grill in order to bring down any commercial grill fires or explosions that may occur in the next few hours or days. This commercial oven cleaner will help make sure commercial grill becomes unusable until further notice and commercial fire suppression system is installed.

This step can be done at night after commercial kitchen hood cleaning is complete, giving commercial kitchen hood cleaning staff plenty of time to leave before lights out with no one around for commercial kitchen safety problems .

Once the commercial oven cleaner has settled into the commercial grill, you can shut it off and walk away from your work being finished. The commercial oven cleaner needs time for deep penetration, so commercial grill can be cleaned thoroughly and commercial fire suppression system will need to be installed before anyone is allowed near the commercial grill again.

Once a commercial oven cleaner has been applied, commercial kitchen hood cleaning staff should turn off all commercial stoves and commercial fryers as well as lock up following commercial oven cleaning. The last step would be to leave a sign or note on or near the commercial grill stating that commercial fire suppression system needs installed and commercial stove deep cleaning needs completed. If your restaurant receives a lot of foot traffic, it may also be wise to put up a temporary sign so no one gets hurt during this time period.

A properly deep clean commercial grill is essential for not only the presentation of your food but also for customer safety and overall health.