How to Discover Your Unique Style

Some people naturally have a unique and interesting style. Everything they wear, from the skirts to the jewelry to the hair ties, seems to encompass who they are. It is because they do more than follow trends – they learn what works for them and stick with it.

Have you yet to discover that sort of style for yourself? Don’t worry. It takes many people decades to truly embrace their own unique style! Luckily, you don’t have to wait another ten years to find yours, not when you use the guide below.

Look for Unique Brands

One of the biggest reasons people don’t find their unique style is that they’re too exposed to the typical fast fashion brands out there. It can be hard to stand out from the crowd when everything looks the same. That’s why looking for unique brands is key to finding your style.

Some fashion brands are more interesting than others. If you want to make a statement, include Judith Leiber from in your wardrobe. You are sure to make a statement with an extensive range of unique, vibrant, and undeniably unique clutches from their designer range. If you’re going to buy designer, you might as well buy a designer brand that captures everyone’s attention! The novelty clutches are a particular stand out.

Shop at Thrift Stores

If you haven’t tried shopping at thrift stores for unique clothes, you are missing out. Thrift stores often hold some of the most exciting and flattering pieces – all you need to do is find them! Plus, there’s the bonus that buying clothes at thrift stores reduces your carbon footprint.

Play with Color

A significant part of a person’s style is the colors that they wear. Some people prefer neutrals, wearing mainly blacks, whites, and greys. Others like to wear colors that bring out their complexion and hair color.

To find your style, playing around with colors and shades is essential. For example, you might look perfect in pinks, purples, and blues, or warmer shades like reds and oranges might suit you better.

Take Inspiration from Others

Taking inspiration from others doesn’t mean not having a unique style. Everyone must start somewhere, after all. Look at the celebrities and influencers that capture your attention the most. Pay attention to what they wear, from the shoes to the blazers to the hair accessories. If you like what you see, incorporate it into your style.

Create a Mood Board for Fashion

If you’re not sure exactly what you like, try creating a fashion mood board full of outfits that call to you. One of the best places to find images for a mood board is Pinterest. If you’re unsure where to start, simply typing in the word ‘fashion’ can be enough to put you on the right path!

Get to Know What You Dislike

Knowing what you dislike is just as crucial as knowing what you like when it comes to finding a style. That’s because it leads you on the road to your unique preferences. Plus, you know what to avoid when shopping for clothes.

It might take some time to discover your unique style. It’s worth it in the end, though. Once you have a wardrobe full of beloved pieces and outfits, you will always feel comfortable and look great. That can do wonders for your confidence!