Leadership Qualities and Motivation Skills

Motivation is a characteristic that is goal-oriented that assists a person in achieving his goals. It motivates a person to be hard work towards achieving their goals. A leader must possess the appropriate leadership qualities to be able to influence motivation. There isn’t any specific guideline for motivating.

As an executive, it is essential to remain open to the human condition. Understanding the different requirements of subordinates will aid in making decisions.

Leadership Skills

Employees and a manager should have leadership qualities and motivational skills. An effective leader must be able to comprehend the factors that motivate the employees. He should be aware of the fundamental requirements of his employees, colleagues, and superiors. Leadership can be use as a way of motivating other people.

Arlin Jordin Washington

Aspects of motivation:

Here are some important guidelines outlining the most fundamental aspects of motivation:

Harmonize and align the subordinate’s needs with the organization’s requirements. As an executive, the manager should ensure that the business shares the same morals and ethical standards that he expects from his employees. He must ensure that his employees are rewarded and educated in a way that is compatible with the needs of the company.

Rewarding and appreciation are the primary factors that motivate people to accomplish the desired objective. Recognizing exceptional or good actions with a small reward, such as a letter or certificate can be an effective incentive. If a certificate or award is given to someone that is being reward. The certificate should include the specific act or merit for which the individual is being recognize.

Arlin Jordin Washington

Role Model

Being a role model is an important motivator that helps people reach their goals. A leader must be a role model to help his employees succeed and reach their goals successfully.

Inviting people to participate in the process of planning and important issue resolution processes is not only motivation for them but also helps to teach the complexities of these important decisions. Additionally, it helps all employees to gain a better knowledge of their roles within the organization. The communication will be clear and is sure to get recognition and praise from the chief.

The development of morale and team spirit is a major factor in the overall health of an organization. The physical or emotional condition of an individual is the moral foundation of his or her. The actions and decisions of a leader influence the morale of his subordinates. So, he needs to keep track of all his choices and actions. The spirit of teamwork is the heart of the company. The leader must always ensure that his subordinates are comfortable working together and consider themselves an integral part of the plan of the company.

Arlin Jordin Washington

Leaders should put themselves in the shoes of subordinates and see things from their perspective. He must be able to empathize with their struggles during tough times. The motivation to empathize with their problems strengthens them emotionally and mentally.

Effective leader

A rewarding and challenging task can instill a sense of accomplishment in employees. The boss must ensure that their employees feel like they’re working on a mission that is vital to the well-being of the company and its achievement. This motivates them to meet their objectives.


To be an effective leader, you need to be motivate by yourself. You need to know who you are and your goals, and you should have a strong desire to take on any challenge to meet your goals. When you have self-motivation only then can you inspire others to accomplish their goals, and also to align their goals to the objectives of the company.