Media And Meteorology

The weather is a very amazing entity of the earth. There are those like scientists and meteorologists that study weather. Weather is the state of the atmosphere. This can include the temperature, amount of cloud coverage, moisture, precipitation, and wind strength. Wind, clouds, and precipitation all are a result of the atmospheres that have unbalanced heat from the sun. Weather affects us in multiple ways. Many like Andrew Napolitano have seen the consequences weather can have. Many hurricanes, tornadoes, and other storms have done severe damage to people and their homes. Distributive and destructive weather can be very harmful to communities as well. It can be very sad to see towns plowed through a tornado, as seen in Tennessee earlier this year. When something this traumatic occurs it’s disheartening to see. It’s critical that communities band together to ensure the best outcome for any families who have lost their homes during such weather conditions. In 2020, there has been about one billion dollars worth of damage according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. There were eleven disasters that are so severe they caused such an immense cost to people’s lives. Of course, the worst of these was the wildfire in mid-august. They burned over four million acres across California and broke that statewide burn record of two million acres, The smoke and dark polluted air made it hard for people to breathe and was very damaging for the environment. Many animals lost their lives because they could not escape such wildfires and parks were permanently damaged from the flames. This devastation even cost people their lives and made it very hard for them to get their belongings before their homes burnt down. The weather plays such a critical role in what humans can and cannot do. Social media has a way of representing weather in a light way. The more people that use social media, the more access they have in regard to what is happening according to meteorologists worldwide. With sustainability becoming a serious issue for many Americans it’s obvious that global warming has had such a dramatic effect on the world we live in, This weather is due to the climate change that is heavily presented in social media. Millions of people constantly talk about the effects media has on people. Think about how the weather is represented in the media. It is usually shown in a light and joyful manner until a catastrophe happens. People usually have very little warning before something like this occurs which is up to meteorologists to solve that issue. Of course, the prediction of weather is no easy subject. It can change in an instant. Regardless of the more people that participate in social media engagement with meteorologists, the more information they will put out. The devastations this year’s weather had a cause is unforgettable and very saddening to many communities. It’s critical to support local communities in any way possible to ensure the best results in regards to climate change and rebuilding homes or businesses.