Preparing Your Property for Skip Bin Hire

If you are renovating your property or you plan on moving out, you will need a skip bin to store unwanted items. Before the skip bin arrives, you must think of an area where you can safely put it. The best place to put the unit is on your own property, if it is put in a public place, you will need to get a permit from the local council. This can sometimes be difficult depending on where you are situated.

Entrance Point

The first thing to check is whether the skip bin truck can access your property. Specialists in skip hire northern beaches often speak to their clients about their location before sending out a skip bin. Professional companies know the area where they operate well, and they are best placed to provide you with useful information. If you live in a hard to reach area, they will be able to provide recommendations on the type of unit you should hire.

Potential Obstructions

Whether you are moving abroad or adding home improvements, skip bin hire is a great way to manage waste removal. Before the unit arrives at your home, assess your property, and identify any obstacles that may get in the way of the skip bin. Have a look at your home from the other side of the road, do you think the skip bin truck will have trouble accessing your property? If you think some branches need to be cut or a shrub needs to be trimmed, get it done before the skip bin arrives.

Tell the Neighbours

It is a good idea to inform your neighbours that you will be hiring a skip and putting it on your property. There may be some room left if they want to discard some unwanted items in the skip bin. If you share a driveway with them, it is important to notify them about the skip bin. Together, you can decide on the best area to place the skip, so it doesn’t cause any issues for either of you.

Correct Waste Management

Before you hire a skip bin, it is vitally important to choose an environmentally friendly company who will dispose of the waste in the right manner. Before you get your property ready for a skip bin, make sure you have hired the unit from a business who are licensed and fully insured. Some shady waste management companies don’t practice safe disposal methods, sometimes illegally dumping waste in public areas.

Permit in Advance

If you cannot place a skip bin on your property due to lack of room, you will need to obtain a permit from the local council. Apply early to avoid having a skip bin and no legal permit.

It is a good idea to choose several skip bin locations and assess each one to find out which one is the most advantageous. Go through each one by process of elimination until you find a location which best suits your needs. If you prepare your property in advance, you will avoid any issues when the skip bin arrives at your home.