burning firewood with flame through bbq grill grates

Pros & Cons of Getting a Commercial Wood-Burning Grill for Your Restaurant

Cooking food over a wood fire has been around for centuries and is considered a traditional form of cooking. In recent years, the popularity of wood-fired grills has grown as more people are looking to add that smoky flavor to their food.

If you’re thinking about adding a wood-fired grill to your restaurant, here are some pros and cons to consider:


1. Adds flavor – The smoky flavor that comes from cooking over a wood fire is incomparable. It can add depth of flavor to your dishes that you can’t get with other methods.

2. Unique experience – Wood-fired grills offer a unique dining experience that your customers will love. They’ll be able to enjoy their meal in the same way that others do when they’re outside enjoying a barbecue.

3. Attracts grill lovers – People love grilling season and wood-fired grills offer something different than your standard gas or charcoal grill. When customers see one, they’ll know that your restaurant is committed to offering quality food.

4. Perfect for burgers and steaks – Wood-fired grills are perfect for cooking burgers and steaks because they cook so quickly and stay moist within. Your customers will love the smoky flavor it adds to their favorite foods!


1. Equipment costs – A commercial wood-burning grill can get expensive, especially if you get a large one or need extra equipment like a conveyor oven or a rotisserie.

2. Hard to cook other things – Most commercial wood-burning grills are designed for one purpose — searing steaks and cooking burgers. It may be difficult to use them for other purposes like roasting or barbecuing meats, as they usually don’t get very hot.

3. Requires expertise – If you want your restaurant’s food to taste great, you need to have an experienced person operating the grill at all times. They’ll need to know how to keep the fire hot without ruining the meat and how much smoke is too much smoke!

4. Complicated cleaning – Wood-fired grills tend to be difficult to clean because ash gets stuck in the crevices of the grill grates. If you don’t clean them regularly, it can make your employees’ jobs harder.

When deciding if a commercial wood-burning grill is the right fit for your restaurant, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons. On the plus side, a wood-fired grill can add delicious smoky flavor to your food, offer a unique dining experience, and attract grill lovers. However, equipment costs can be high and it can be difficult to cook other things on a wood-fired grill. Additionally, operating and cleaning a wood-fired grill can be complicated, so you’ll need an experienced staff member to run it. All in all, a commercial wood-burning grill can be a great addition to your restaurant if you’re willing to deal with the pros and cons.

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