Reduce Back Fat with 2 Best Yoga Poses

Backless and strapless dress is in vogue and the biggest deterrent to wearing it is those huge lumps of back fat, popularly referred to as bra-fat. The pesky muffin top is neither fun to deal with nor easy to lose. Burning those frumpy looking flab from the back requires an exercise regimen which specifically targets those muscles. Yoga for reducing fat on back is an excellent option. Over 3,000 years old practice of India, yoga is a unique blend of meditation and exercise which encompasses a range of mind and body regimen to achieve a complete well being. With its varied poses and breathing techniques, it enhances muscle strength, stamina, balance, posture and body’s range of motion. Simultaneously, it drains anxiety, tension and rebuilds the positive energy flow of the body.

Yoga combats fat and melts them away by increasing lean muscle mass. It forces the body to expend more energy in sustaining muscles than fats which leads to more calories burnt even when resting. Yoga has number of poses that strengthen the upper back, lower back and the shoulders. The major muscles groups that are targeted in the back are the latissimus dorsi or the lats, the rhomboid muscles, trapezius muscles and the chiseling of the ridged line of the spine. When practiced in the right manner regularly  and in a disciplined manner along with well balanced and nutritious diet, a slim and a classic ‘V’ shaped back is achieved which is guaranteed to pop everyone’s eyes out and make you the center of attraction. Some of the classic poses which are ideal and popular yoga for reducing fat on back are:-

Dhanurasana or Bow Pose

Named after the shape it takes i.e. the bow, it is the 8th posture in the 12 basic posture of the hatha yoga. This pose provides a full backward bend to the entire length of the spine to render both strength and flexibility to the back. Combining the benefits of both the cobra and the locust postures, it provides a complete stretch to the neck, shoulders, arms and legs. It provides a complete massage to all digestive organs to improve overall digestion, improve digestion and appetite while relieving constipation. Enhancing the functionality of the pancreas, this posture is specially recommended for people with diabetes. Expanding the thoracic region of the chest, it also aids in alleviating hunchback. Ideal for both beginners and advanced yogis, this is a wonderful yoga for reducing fat on back as well as stress and fatigue buster.

To assume the pose, one first needs to lie on the stomach on the yoga mat with the feet hip-width apart and arms by the side. The knees are bent such that you are able to hold each of the ankles with the hands. Initially, assistance may be required from the yoga expert to hold the ankles but it will be expended as you lose fat and increase flexibility. Now while inhaling, the head and the chest are lifted off the mat. Simultaneously the knee is also lifted as high as possible. While arching the body to the optimum, the elbows should be kept straight. The weight should be more on the abdomen than on the hips. Exhaling hold the pose for as long as possible and work towards holding it for around 1-2 minutes. Again while exhaling and maintaining control, the legs are released back to the floor. The hands are now brought underneath the shoulders and the body pushed back into the child’s poses which counter stretches the back on the way. Taking several deep breaths in this pose relaxes all the muscles of the arms, shoulders and back and eases any tension created. The initial posture is now assumed again. People who have mastered this basic pose can then try its advanced variation in which you hold the toes with the hands rotate the shoulders towards the face and arch to the limit with the hands behind the head.

Performing this pose 3-5 times a day makes it an excellent yoga for reducing fat on back. However it should not be practiced by pregnant lady or those suffering from blood pressure, hernia, migraine, and lower back pain or neck injury unless otherwise directed by the doctor. People who have undergone any abdominal surgery are also advised against it.

Ardha Chandrasana or Half Moon Pose

Working on the sides of torso and the back, it is an ideal yoga for reducing fat on back. Challenging the body, balance and mind, the pose opens the chest and shoulders, strengthens the abdomen, spine, buttocks, ankles, knees and legs and also roots the thighbones which ease any back pain. It provides a complete stretch to the groins, hamstrings, calves, shoulders and spine. Building the overall body co-ordination and balance, it has therapeutic effect for fatigue, stress, anxiety, menstrual pain, sciatica, osteoporosis and many other ailments.

To perform it, you first stand facing in a downward direction and then place the right foot forward such that it lies between both the hands.  Now rise slowly. Consigning the left hand on the left hip, the right arm is extended in a straight line outwardly generating a length throughout the right face of the body. Shifting the weight on the right foot and the upper part of the body, the left foot is lifted up in the air and the right palm placed flat on the floor. The right knee can be bent a little to assume the right posture and spread the body weight evenly. Post it, facing the ground, slowly stretch the left arm straight upwards. The position can be held maximum for 5 minutes before repeating it with the other side of the body.

People suffering from neck problems, migraine, low blood pressure, diarrhea and insomnia are advised against assuming this yoga pose.


Yoga for reducing fat on back is little difficult poses which a novice may not find it easy to assume. Since they target the spine which is a very sensitive part of our body, it is advisable that you consult the doctor thoroughly before doing them. They are best done under an expert guidance and should be done all by yourself only after you have reached the advanced stage.