Signs Your Car Needs an AC Repair

Your car’s air conditioning (AC) is an important part of keeping your car functioning and keeping you cool and comfortable when you’re driving.  So when it’s not functioning correctly, you’re going to need it looked at by a professional auto body shop. 

There are a few signs that you can look out for that might mean your AC isn’t running correctly and needs to be looked at. 

No Cold Air

It’s a hot day, so you reach for the AC and…nothing. If you’re getting no cooled air through the system at all, then there is a potential problem involving the accumulation of debris or mold in the system, a loose connection, or a broken ventilation fan. 

Interrupted Air Flow

If you find that when you turn on the AC, some vents are working and others aren’t then you may be running low on coolant.  This could be caused by a blockage or a leak. Leaks can be dangerous and must be checked by a mechanic at an auto body repair as soon as possible. 

Changes In Temperature

Your car’s AC is designed to keep your car at a constant temperature, set by you. If however, you’re finding that the temperature is changing from hot to cold (or vice versa) without you doing anything then you need to get your AC checked. 

Unpleasant Smells

If, after you switch on the AC, you notice a musty or unpleasant smell coming through the vents, then you most likely have mold in the system filters, which you need to take care of immediately as mold can cause serious respiratory problems. Plus, no one wants to drive around in a smelly car. 

Leaks (External)

Any leak from a car should be investigated ASAP. If you notice fluid under your car when it’s been parked for a period of time. Often leaks from cars are oil or brake fluid, but it could also be coolant from your AC system. 

Leaks (Internal) 

Blocked drainage in your AC system can lead to leaks inside your car. Sometimes this will show up easily as a pool of fluid, but often it will be more subtle. If you find that your passenger side carpet is damp, then this is often a sign that the moisture is getting trapped, and rather than being directed to the outside of your car, it flows back in. 

How To Maintain Your AC

You should have your air conditioning checked annually during your car’s service. They will be able to check all drainage lines, components, and fluid levels to ensure that any issues are caught before they become a major problem. 

If in the meantime, you start noticing any of the above signs, you should get your air conditioning checked out by a collision repair shop as soon as possible. It could be the difference between a small, inexpensive fix and a huge, costly repair bill. Don’t wait for a problem to go away by itself, as it will most likely be a warning sign of something worse.