Sustainable Wellness

Recycling is something that anyone can easily do to help the environment. Helen Schifter chooses to recycle because she is helping with the sustainability of resources and reducing the ever-expanding landfills as well as reducing the resources needed to produce more of material that can easily be recycled. Recycling has been made easier and easier all the time with recycle bins being available in most neighborhoods and being put in most public places. The individuals should do a little more research to make sure they know what is recyclable and what is not but outside of that it is just a matter of putting the correct materials in the correct bin. The more people recycle the more our sustainability of resources increases which is important for cutting down on pollution and to help lessen things like deforestation.

Pollution and deforestation are two large issues that we face in today’s world and doing simple things that take almost no extra effort should be a no-brainer for anyone. One does not need to be an activist or an extremist to do something as simple as put things that are recyclable into a bin that separates it from the normal trash going to the dump. Doing little things like this is about as easy as not littering and waiting until you find a proper receptacle to put trash in, the only difference is you can plainly see when people litter and not recycling is less visible both in the problems it causes and whether other people see a person doing it. The things people do when no one is looking are the things that determine a person’s true character, so people need to take a good look in the mirror from time to time to see if they person they are matches the person they want to be.

A cleaner more sustainable world is good for everyone living on it and some people put forth no effort to this idea while others spend their whole life working to make the planet a cleaner, better place. Most people are going to fall in the middle of these two extremes but the easier we make things like recycling and the more people care enough to do it the better off we will be.vGetting information to people is another important aspect to getting people to do the little things that can have a big impact. Everyone, including Helen Schifter,  knows what recycling is and why we do it but having more information on the positive impact it is having and reminding people to think about it could be very helpful. Television, radio, and print adds that show the positive things that come from recycling and remind people to stay diligent in their efforts can be a big help in the effort to have more and more people participate in recycling. Incentives are not a bad idea either, being able to get a few dollars from turning in bags of aluminum cans and such can be a motivator to those who are better motivated by financial rewards.