The Deadliest & Safest Holidays to Drive

couple on a car

Holidays and car accidents, unfortunately, go hand in hand. With more people on the roads it only makes sense that the possibility for a crash increases, but drinking and the often hectic nature of these days add to an increase in accidents every year.

While holidays in general see more collisions, some happen to be safer than others. So, what are the deadliest and safest holidays to drive on? Here are some statistics to help you plan your seasonal occasions and stay safer on the road.

Understanding the Data

When it comes to car accident statistics, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is a top and trusted source of information. The NHTSA gathers annual car crash data on every holiday that spans a four day period around each. For example, Christmas would include the day before Christmas Eve and the day after the holiday itself.

From there, the NHTSA look at average fatal crashes during these four-day periods. They also look at fatal collisions over a three-year period to identify whether accidents are on the rise or are decreasing over to time. All of this data is collected into a holiday average, then each holiday is weighed against that average to determine how much safer or more dangerous roads are at that time.

The Deadliest

You might think a more alcohol-friendly holiday like St. Patrick’s Day would be at the top of the list, but the most dangerous holiday in the United States happens to be Memorial Day. This holiday sees 20.8% more fatal collisions than the average at 448 deadly crashes.

Memorial Day is followed by Labor Day and Independence Day, with Father’s Day and Cinco de Mayo close behind. You’re more likely to need the aid of a skilled legal professional like those at the Law Office of Daniel H Rose on these five deadliest holidays.

The Safest

Surprisingly, New Year’s Eve happens to be the safest holiday of all with 4.5% less accidents than the average, or 354 over its four-day span. Christmas sits above with Ash Wednesday next in line. President’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day are the next two moving upward on the list.

While New Year’s Eve might see a higher percentage than those above it, the three-year total holds the least fatalities at 885 deaths. This could indicate that drivers are making the smart choice to not get behind the wheel on one of the most alcohol-fueled nights of the year.

The Full List

Knowing which holidays hold more dangerous roads can help you make safer holiday plans with your friends and family. As always, you should never operate a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and this list serves as a harrowing reminder as to why. Here are all the holidays ranked from deadliest to safest:

·         Memorial Day – 1,343 three-year total

·         Labor Day – 1,334

·         Independence Day – 1,319

·         Father’s Day – 1,293

·         Cinco de Mayo – 1,256

·         Columbus Day – 1,251

·         Mother’s Day – 1,206

·         Halloween – 1,189

·         Thanksgiving – 1,173

·         Veteran’s Day – 1,170

·         Easter – 1,146

·         New Year’s Day – 1,079

·         Martin Luther King’s Birthday – 1,049

·         St. Patrick’s Day – 1,042

·         President’s Day – 988

·         Ash Wednesday – 985

·         Christmas – 974

·         New Year’s Eve – 885