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The Science Behind PDO Threads: How They Lift and Tighten Skin

PDO threads are gaining popularity because they provide excellent results on sagging skin with no downtime. The procedure is ideal for patients who want to correct their sagging skin without the risks of a traditional facelift.

The mechanics of how PDO threads work to tighten skin seem esoteric, but they are easily explainable. This blog will explain how PDO threads tighten and rejuvenate skin and why this procedure is a less invasive facelift alternative.

How PDO Threads Work

PDO threads are a type of polydioxanone, a compound commonly used in dissolvable surgical sutures. When used to reinforce the natural structure of facial skin, PDO threads can tighten, firm, and correct sagging.

PDO threads are short segments of biocompatible polyester material. Scientists create the material using natural substances like sugar cane and corn starch. These threads behave like strings of sugar in the body, breaking down over six to 12 months.

The body reacts to PDO threads as foreign objects. This property may seem negative, but it triggers the body’s natural healing response, promoting the creation of extra collagen that firms and strengthens the skin.

Collagen is the primary protein in healthy skin, and increasing collagen leads to a naturally younger appearance. As the threads dissolve, the renewed skin structure persists, giving a long-lasting effect.

Types of PDO Threads

  • Barbed threads: These threads have tiny, sharp protrusions on the sides. They are strong enough to lift heavy tissue on the jaw, cheek, eyebrow, and neck.
  • Smooth threads: These threads do not have the structure to pull back skin, but they work on acne scars, lip lines, and marionette (chin) lines, among other areas.
  • Screw threads: For regions with deep folds, screw threads can tighten stubborn skin. These threads are twisted, rather than looped, over the needle.

Placing PDO Threads

The practitioner uses a local anesthetic to help with discomfort during the procedure. After ensuring your comfort, they make tiny incisions in your skin and insert the threads through a small cannula.

The practitioner’s skill allows them to choose areas that need to be lifted or smoothed. After inserting the threads, the practitioner will cover the sites with bandages.

After Your Procedure

There is no downtime after a PDO threads procedure. You may return to normal activities on the same day. Discomfort is usually limited to minor soreness and bruising at the injection sites.

You will notice results right away as the threads lift your skin. Results will develop for the next several weeks as the body’s natural collagen response strengthens the skin.

Choosing a PDO Thread Lift

If you are unhappy with facial lines or sagging skin, PDO threads may be an excellent choice. Contact a qualified provider with questions about PDO threads and educate yourself about this novel procedure.

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