The Tranquility of Gardening

From the earliest days of humanity, human beings have made the practice of cultivating and growing plants into an art that is still practiced today, sometimes in the form of gardening. Alex Djerassi finds peace in gardening. Based on scientific findings, evidence has shown us that early man planted trees or shrubs whether they bared fruit or not. This tells us that they engaged in practice as a form of fun or to achieve some other goal. Cultivating plants such as flowers, shrubs, fruits, and even veggies in a well preserved sustainable area helps individuals in a variety of ways, not just nutritionally or physically. In the year 2020, we face numerous challenges. It’s safe to say that we all faced many challenges in the modern era where many people turn to different avenues such as meditation or other hobbies to find relief from these issues. A common and satisfying way to distract oneself from these is as simple as that of gardening in ones backyard. People may engage in this practice as a hobby or even a means to pass the time but overlook entirely the soothing effect that may have on one’s well-being—proven to be natural relief from stressors and the all-around challenges we face as human beings.

Some people only have a small space for growing the things they like, while others have an abundance of vast flourishing soil and land space. Both situations are good even if it’s just a start. These unused land plots can become the home of plants fruits or veggies you love. By utilizing these spaces for gardens, one can effectively remove the stressors from their lives by focusing on caring for and maintaining their gardens, removing weeds and helping one’s plants grow healthy. Gardening can be something once started, everything is fades to the background and completing the task at hand is all that is focused on. Additionally, physical activity reduces stress and can also relieve depression and anxiety. The constant physical activity associated with caring and maintaining gardens is usually a full-body workout that improves upper & lower body strength, heart health, and even helps prevent arthritis. It will also help burn calories, which is a great way to reduce body fat to gain healthy weight. It’s also a great way to get some sun exposure, a great source of vitamin D, which boosts the immune system.

Furthermore, planting vegies in one’s garden is great in helping one to live off the land and stay healthy by eating homegrown foods, which can be personally sustainable. Knowing exactly where one’s fruit and vegetables are from prevents the risk of eating foods heavily processed with chemical preservatives. Eating homegrown food is also an effective way to save money. Money which could be used for something else. Gardens can be a reflection of someone’s personality trait based on what type of plants they grow or even the style in which they choose to groom their gardens. These factors allow one to effectively utilize their minds in more creative which helps to sharpen the senses in the process. Alex Djerassi highly concurs that gardening can be a tranquil experience.