Tips for Staying Safe in Your New Home

Moving into a new home can be fun and exciting, but don’t forget to include some safety features when you get settled! A home security system is a great way to keep your home and family protected, and there are many other things you can do as well. When you move into a new home, use the tips below to secure it against a break-in.

Get a Home Security System

The best way to protect your home and family is with a smart home security system. Smart security systems, like the one from AMP Smart, provide more than just cameras. You can link your phone or other device to the system and use it to watch live video feed, lock your doors, and even close your garage.

Install Reliable Locks

Make sure all your doors and windows have strong locks and frames to keep them secure. To increase protection, add a strike plate, deadbolt, smart lock, or video doorbell. Video doorbells are common features in smart home security systems and allow you to see who is at your door before you open it, as well as record video footage of anyone who approaches it. 

You’ll also want to install new locks if someone else has previously lived in your home or has a key that will open the locks that are currently included with your home.

Make Friends with Neighbors

Another great way to keep your home safe is to have more eyes watching out for you. Neighbors can let you know if they spot anything suspicious and alert the police if they see an intruder. They can also watch your home when you’re out of town to be sure no one is hanging around that shouldn’t be. Some communities find it beneficial to create a neighborhood watch to increase safety for each home in the neighborhood.

Leave the Lights On

If someone is trying to break into your home, there is a pretty high chance they don’t want to be seen. A simple way to prevent someone shady from approaching your home is to leave exterior lights on at night. Well-lit areas are commonly avoided by burglars because they don’t provide a place to hide.

Motion-activated lights are a great asset, especially when used with a home security system. Neighbors are more likely to notice a light that suddenly turns on, and you’ll be alerted if your security system senses motion.

Eliminate Hiding Spots

Check the perimeter of your home for anything large enough to hide behind. Intruders often target houses with large shrubs or trees in front of doors and windows, or other objects they can quickly duck behind.

Secure the Garage

Your garage is an easy target, especially if you have a habit of forgetting to close it when you leave. A burglar can take a leisurely stroll down your sidewalk, pop into the garage, and walk off with something of value without anyone getting suspicious. They can also use the garage as an entry point to your home, which is an even bigger danger.

Make sure your garage doors lock securely, and never park outside with a garage door opener inside your car. Better yet, use a smart home security system that allows you to open and close your garage from an app. You can even check the app to see if your garage is closed when you don’t remember if you closed it.

Get a Dog

Not only will you and your family enjoy the addition of a furry friend, but your dog can be a great asset when it comes to protecting your home. Intruders don’t like to risk breaking into homes where a dog might bark loudly and alert others of their presence, not to mention the possibility of getting attacked when your pup feels threatened.

Make a Plan

Whatever options you choose to implement, make sure you always have a plan in place in case of a break-in or disaster. When it comes to protecting your home and family, you can never be too prepared.