Picture of adult woman having eyelash extension in professional beauty salon

Top 6 Essential Eyelash Application Tools You Need to Start Your Career as a Lash Artist

As a new lash technician, the quantity of instruments might be overwhelming. Nowadays, there are many professional eyelash extension materials, making it hard to choose. Lash Professionals is here to get your started (https://thelashprofessional.com/).

We made it easy for newcomers by listing the main equipment you’ll need at the start of your lashing career. The products and nice goods you see may be attainable. Your lashing career will not be affected by such instruments. As a newbie lash tech, we’ll teach you how to store your lash supplies. 


Naturally, your professional eyelash extensions supplies include the extensions themselves. You don’t need 9mm–18mm lashes. Start with 3-4 single-length trays and progress to mixed trays. If you’re buying too many mixed trays, buy single lengths. Don’t buy too many initially since you may not use them. 

You may also request a photo of the client’s preferred lashes. Thus, you may choose the greatest styles and sizes to satisfy your clientele. 


Adhesive, sometimes known as “lash glue,” holds false lashes to natural lashes. From retention to components, explore this. Adhesives are chemicals, so check the components before buying. Even if you do this, one customer will have irritated, watery eyes. Consider buying a carbon-black-free sensitive glue to avoid allergic reactions. Use a latex-free, low-fume adhesive for powerful glues. Find a glue that suits your hand speed and climate. 


If the glue dries in the wrong spot when applying lashes, you’ll need a good remover to save time and the client’s. Most adhesive removers are gel or cream. The gel remover works quicker but includes powerful chemicals, while another is safer for delicate eyes but slower. You and the client choose. 


Lashing requires good tweezers. When your tweezers break, it’s hard to save the day even with everything else. Choose carefully for your lash extension supplies set. The varied shapes, sizes, and materials might be confusing. Don’t be scared to experiment—it’s the greatest approach to find your perfect match. 

A decent lash extension requires two sets of tweezers—one for detaching and one for connecting. Each esthetician chooses their own tweezers. Curvy tweezers are safer if you haven’t found the right pair. 

A cute tweezer case that doesn’t take up much room is needed to keep your additional tweezers clean and neat. 

Mascara Wands 

Without brushing, a set is incomplete. If your lashes tug during brushing, you did something wrong. Therefore, always brush and separate your lashes. Mascara wands are essential. 

Eye Pads 

Some were trained with them, some were not. Tape practice can be beneficial. If you’re new to taping, the pads might be handy, so include them in your lash supplies. 

Pads make customers feel comfortable and cared for, increasing a lash artist’s value. Pads also cover the lower lashes so they don’t interfere with the upper ones. Eye pads with your lash extension products will boost your artistry. 

From a lash artist’s perspective, this is a lot of products. Basics only. Training provides these lash resources. Don’t be overwhelmed with tools and things! The simplest materials may create amazing sceneries.