Ways To Be Sustainable During The Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed how one lives significantly. One of the areas that have been affected considerably is our ecosystem or environment, especially with enhanced production of plastic materials. Helen Schifter is remaining sustainable. Production of personal protective equipment commonly known as PPE has been essential in the fight against Covid-19. With all health measures and protocols getting laid down to protect and keep us save, there is a lot one can do to remain feasible during such a contagious pandemic. Below comprise of some of the ways one can stay feasible in the middle of the pandemic. Currently, it’s almost a requirement whether morally or by law for one to put on a mask while planning to go to a crowded place. The choice of the mask one chooses to put on has a critical impact on our environment. But, choosing to put on a reusable mask instead of a disposable one is one of the most excellent alternatives that goes a long way in remaining feasible. Stitching one own facemask creates an opportunity for one to polish up some of those skills we look down upon and at the same time, reduce the amount of waste we could have generated with disposable masks. Consider the material you will be using and the thickness of the facemask too. Where necessary always avoid single-use plastic materials

One other feasible option during a health pandemic such as a coronavirus is limiting as much as possible use of items that in most instances, come wrapped in plastic material. Instead, it’s advisable to opt-in for items covered with either recyclable materials or glass casing. The metal casing is also an excellent wrapping material. Also, one can make it their mission to request food joint to not include utensils, straws, napkins or condiments as part of the service; they can instead use recyclable or reusable plastic bags. A kitchen garden is none of the best quarantine projects one can undertake and ensure sustainability in your life during a pandemic. A kitchen garden doesn’t use a lot of space, and one can grow some herbs like basil and some vegetables like kales. Those without much space can use window sill innovatively and develop feasible gardens.

Sometimes it’s not easy to do away entirely with plastic in our lives. As coronavirus pandemic has shown us, plastic is essential in fighting the pandemic by preventing its spread. It’s easier for one to mitigate and make fair use of the plastic items around their homes. One can turn the plastic bottles and other items into beautiful flower vessels. There are endless possibilities non about how one can live a sustainable life, especially during a pandemic like the one we are facing. Different people have a varying view or ways of feasible ways of life. One should not feel guilty for having their checklist of feasible living. Sustainable living habits during [pandemic varies with an individual’s resources and practices. Sustainable individuals like Helen Schifter will never return to their old ways.