What are registered agent services in Nevada?

When you complete your LLC’s Articles of Organization in Nevada, you will be required to also elect your appointed registered agent before submitting the form to the Secretary of State. 

Services offered by a registered agent 

Your appointed registered agent acts as your main point of contact with the state, federal agencies, and in case you are ever served with a legal summons.

One of the main benefits offered to you is that your privacy is protected because your business address, especially if you operate it from home, is never listed on the public record. This offers you discretion because if your business is ever sued, your papers will be served to your registered agent and not to you when you are with family, employees, or clients. 

Other benefits include that you can be free during standard business hours to run your business, and your registered agent will send you notifications for compliance, tax, and other legal requirements. 

Even though these services come at a cost, in the long run, they save you time to channel into your business. They also save you money from potential penalties from forgotten compliance filings. 

Registered agent services available in Nevada 

Like most states in the U.S., Nevada requires you to appoint someone to act as your registered agent. Some people choose to do it themselves or to appoint a noncommercial registered agent. However, commercial registered agents are more popular because they offer far more services and features. 

Registered agent service in Nevada from a professional company is not difficult to find, and most people prefer one with national coverage for their business’s expansion needs. 

Which registered agent has the most affordable packages and excellent customer service? 

ZenBusiness was founded in 2015 and designed some affordable packages from as little as $99 a year. If you decide to do your business formation with them, they have a reasonable business formation package for $39 + state fees. This package also includes free registered agent services for a full year. 

For $149 a year, you can get a complete coverage package that includes a worry-free compliance guarantee. 

Is there a company with far more years of experience? 

Northwest has been in business since 1998 and is known for its excellent customer support. They also offer free registered agent services for one year if you form your LLC with them. Incfile charges $49 + state fees for business formation. Thereafter, their registered agent fees will cost you $125 annually. 

Is there a company that can offer free business information? 

Incfile is another registered agent service with high-quality service and reasonable fees. They also offer a full year of registered agent services for free if you do your business formation with them. Thereafter, they charge $119 a year. 

Incfile is also known for the free information it offers to business owners through its online Learning Center. Its user-friendly website is protected by Norton Web Security.

What about a registered agent that provides legal services? 

Rocket Lawyer has partnerships with experienced legal professionals. Their registered agent services cost $149 a year but if you subscribe to their Accelerate Legal Service Plan, the first year of registered agent services are free. This plan costs $49.95 a month, but it includes consultations with business attorneys and discounted legal fees. 

LegalZoom is a popular platform with years of experience. They are the most expensive out of all our choices at $159 a month, but they offer a wide range of business services, provide you with legal documents, and can suggest professional attorneys if required. 

Is there a registered agent that offers discounts if paid for a few years in advance? 

Harbor Compliance has a solid customer support and is affordable at $99 a year. However, if you pay in advance for a few years, they offer discounts. Their same-day document scanning and delivery is an excellent business service and business owners have access to free compliance guides and whitepapers. 

Another registered agent that will discount you for paying in advance for a few years is InCorp. If you decide on one year, they charge $99. However, if you sign on for five years, you will save $160 and only pay $66 annually.