Rows of cars and trucks in auto repair shop

What’s the Cost to Repair a Scratch on Your Car?

The cost to repair a scratch on your car depends on the severity of the scratch. The cost to fill in a small scratch is around $40 while it can cost up to $125 for a slightly bigger one. If you have a scratch that is from touching or from misaligned parts, then it’s about $90.

Also, note that some scratches cost more if they are deeper and require the use of paints with primer. The cost to repair a deep scratch can cost about $300.

If you want to avoid getting scratches on your car, be careful on how and where you park your vehicle, especially in tight spaces like garages or parking lots that have pillars and other obstacles.

If you do have a scratch on your car, it’s best to take it to an auto body shop as soon as possible. The longer the scratch is left untreated, the more damage it can cause and the costlier it will be to repair. So don’t wait and bring your car in for a quick fix before the problem escalates.

Some auto body shops offer free estimates while others charge a small cost. When you get an estimate, make sure that the cost includes filling in the scratch and painting it with primer to ensure that it will last long. You should also ask what paint they use to match your car’s shade since colors vary from brand to brand.

Auto body shops may need to replace some parts or your car’s bumper to fix a large scratch. For instance, if the scratch reaches up to the edge of the car’s frame, then it has to be removed which costs about $400 extra. In another scenario, if you have a lot of small scratches on your front bumper, they may cost about $300 to repair.

Overall, the cost to repair a scratch on your car depends on its size and depth. It’s best not to let them accumulate in the first place by taking care of your car and making sure that it is parked in an area where it won’t easily get scratched. To avoid spending much later, bring your car to an auto body shop as soon as you notice a scratch.

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