5 Great Out of School Activities to Challenge your Child

We all know that kids seem to have unlimited amounts of energy and without some suitable activities, children can quickly become bored and that often leads to mischief. It is important that your child engages in suitable activities, especially ones that are physical and also challenging. Hanging around with the wrong crowd is another concern for parents of teenagers and we can’t keep tabs on them every second of the day, and with that in mind, here are a few outdoor pursuits that might interest your son or daughter.

  1. Parkour – This crazy sport was born in Paris in the 1990s and it is the art of movement as you traverse through an obstacle course, using running, jumping, rolling, climbing and balancing skills. There are venues where kids can safely learn about this unique discipline and make sure they are wearing safety gear, like protective knee and elbow pads.
  2. After-School Kids Fitness Programs – If you are wondering how to find after-school care near me, Google will reveal the whereabouts of a venue that offers dynamic programs for growing kids and they would run classes in the early evenings and at weekends. These programs even offer child pick-up from their school and bring them home at the end of the session, which is great if you are working long hours and are unable to meet them from school.
  3. Kite Flying with a Difference – This is a great way to spend your time and making your own kites is a brilliant idea, as this teaches your child about aerodynamics and as they become more competent, they can embark on building bigger kites that are more elaborate. If you search online, you will find lots of free resources about kite making, with printable patterns and full instructions on how to build the kite. You can make kites that look like birds, aircraft and even UFOs, there’s really no limit to kite design, apart from your own imagination.
  4. Mountain Bike Riding (MBR) – This is a fiercely competitive sport, although your child can start with a basic mountain bike and learn to master riding through the local woodland, while wearing protective gear, of course. The whole family could invest in bikes and make if a weekend expedition, which is a great way for the family to spend the day, although you will need to fit a bike rack on the car. Here are some important things we should teach our kids.
  5. Metal Detecting – If your child loves history, with a small investment, they could possibly stumble on a treasure trove of ancient relics and there is something about searching for historical relics that excites everyone. One productive place to use a metal detector is the beach, where many swimmers lose gold jewellery while swimming; indeed, you have probably seen people sweeping the beaches with metal detectors, as it is very popular with people of all ages.

Whatever you decide, do check with the Australian government for the latest Covid-19 updates, which could change at any time.